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We provide customized services supported by the broad capabilities of a global institution. Working with a limited number of wealthy clients, we are able to offer you and your family personalized attention for all aspects of your financial life, now and for future family members.

Meet the Team

The private wealth advisors with Merrill Private Wealth Management are rigorously trained to help meet the specialized needs of individuals and families of wealth. We build relationships based on trust and personalized service.

James H Feuerbacher

James H Feuerbacher,

Managing Director

Private Wealth Senior Consultant

Shawn E Williams

Shawn E Williams,

Senior Vice President

Private Wealth Manager

Sean M Murphy

Sean M Murphy,

Private Wealth Manager

Geraldine F Saban

Geraldine F Saban

Senior Private Wealth Associate

Elizabeth E Conrad

Elizabeth E Conrad

Registered Senior Client Associate


Additional Resources

Dennis Frantsve

Dennis Frantsve

AI Specialist

Joseph H McCullough

Joseph H McCullough

Trust Specialist

Gary Howell

Gary Howell

Family Office Principal

Strategies designed to help you achieve your goals

As a client of Merrill Private Wealth Management, you have access to services and resources ordinarily reserved for the world’s largest institutions. We work with individuals, families spanning multiple generations, business owners and executives. Using a goals-based wealth management approach, we put our clients at the center of every personalized strategy.

Our Approach


2018 Team Working Photo.jpgThe Feuerbacher Williams Group is a multigenerational wealth management team dedicated to providing independent objective financial advice to affluent families and institutions.  We serve 23 institutional consulting clients and 23 high net worth families with total assets nearing $3.5 billion as of August 31, 2018. 

The success of our team is built around three simple yet enduring tenets: Leadership; Stewardship; and Understanding Your Goals. Whether you are an institution or a multigenerational family, our stewardship begins with a deep discussion of your core values, goals and objectives. We view ourselves as stewards of the assets entrusted to us by every client.  Stewardship encompasses the ideas of ethical and prudent decision making, objectivity, responsibility and proper governance.  Simply stated we put the needs of clients first.

In times of market stress too many investors make rash decisions that are fueled by emotion rather than the conviction that comes with a principled academic approach to investing.  Grounded in the science of finance, our approach allows us to stay the course with confidence as markets fluctuate rising above reactionary thinking. We apply our disciplined approach with diligence accounting for the particular circumstances of each client. By focusing on these three tenets we have promoted client satisfaction and retention which are the potent testimonials to our work. Our clients experience, is the benchmark for the quality of our work. 

A Commitment to Service

Merrill Private Wealth Management is committed to providing a select group of wealthy clients with highly personalized one-on-one service. When you work with us, our knowledgeable, rigorously trained private wealth advisors will gain a deep understanding of your goals, help you develop a multigenerational wealth strategy, help you monitor it and update your strategy as needed. We are committed to providing you access to the investment insights of Merrill and the banking convenience of Bank of America, and we will continue to invest in client tools and new technology to enhance your overall experience as you and your private wealth advisor pursue what’s most important to you.

Our Philosophy

We believe your unique goals should be at the center of all of your financial decisions and form the foundation of your financial strategy. Because significant wealth requires customized goals-based financial strategies, we believe in building lasting relationships with a limited number of clients, taking the time to understand your most important priorities for today, tomorrow and your long-term future. Our philosophy celebrates collaboration. Working with a team of specialists, we draw on the resources and insights of a global financial institution to create strategies that reflect your aspirations for yourself and current and future generations of your family. Finally, we believe that while significant wealth brings complex challenges, our experience, passion and perspectives can help you simplify your life.

National Recognition

Jay Feuerbacher Inside.jpg

Barron’s Magazine named Jay Feuerbacher one of the Top 1,000 Financial Advisors in America in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and one of the Top 1200 Financial Advisors in America in 2014, 2015, and 2016.  Barron’s Magazine also recognized Jay as one of the Top Institutional Consultants in America for 2015. 
*Source: Barron's "America's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors: State-by-State" list, March 7, 2016.  For more information about the selection criteria, go to http://details-he.re/JxcfBM. Barron's is a trademark of Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Years prior to 2014, this Barron's list consisted of 1,000 advisors. The ranking or ratings shown here may not be representative of all client experiences because they reflect an average or sampling of the client experiences. These rankings or ratings are not indicative of any future performance or investment outcome. 
*Barron’s Top Institutional Financial advisors list, April 20, 2015.  The ranking features the top institutional consulting teams from traditional brokerage firms as well as registered investment advisor (RIA) firms and independent broker dealers.  The teams in the ranking were evaluated on a range of criteria including institutional investment assets overseen by the team, the revenue generated by those assets, the number of clients served by the team and the number of team members and their regulatory records.  Also considered were the advanced professional designation and accomplishments represented on the team.  Barron’s does not receive compensation from Advisors, participating firms and their affiliates or the media in exchange for rankings.  Barron’s is a trademark of Dow Jones & Company, Inc.  All rights reserved.  The ranking or ratings shown here may not be representative of all client experiences because they reflect an average or sampling of the client experiences. These rankings or ratings are not indicative of any future performance or investment outcome. 


Our Dual Focus

2018 Team Outisde Photo_1440x498_(1440x498).jpg

Our group is distinctive in its focus on institutions and families, a duality that enables us to transfer and apply best practices within each sphere.  We are one of only 20 teams firm wide to be designated as a Global Institutional Consulting Team.  We have over 30 years of experience in providing consulting services to endowments, foundations, corporate retirement plans, Taft-Hartley plans, hospitals, associations, insurance companies and tribal nations.  

Individual clients benefit from our experience with institutional clients because we apply the same rigor, discipline and structure in addressing a family’s needs. We provide cash flow and balance sheet analysis to individual clients. We also apply institutions investment processes and strategies to high net worth assets with a focus on tax efficiency. For high net worth families we believe strongly that it is not what you earn, but what you keep. 

Our investment recommendations are both time tested and forward looking customized to the needs of each client.  Our investment approach focuses on asset allocation, diversification, strategic and tactical portfolio management.  We use both passive and active strategies in order to meet our client’s objectives.

Our relationship with you is highly personalized and proactive so you that receive the highest quality client experience.  We are not a mass market retail type of wealth management operation. We meet regularly with each client to review investment performance, portfolio rebalancing and current strategy to plan for their future needs. We tailor day to day banking services including credit facilities, secure web based bill payment services and individual client preferences.
*Global Institutional Consulting (“GIC”) is part of the Global Wealth and Investment Management business of BofA Corp. Institutional Investments & Philanthropic Solutions (“II&PS”) is part of Bank of America Private Bank, a division of Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of BofA Corp. Trust and fiduciary services and other banking products are provided by wholly-owned banking affiliates of BofA Corp., including Bank of America, N.A. Banking activities may be performed by wholly owned banking affiliates of BofA Corp., including Bank of America, N.A., member FDIC. Brokerage and investment advisory services are provided by wholly owned non-bank affiliates of BofA Corp., including Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (also referred to as “MLPF&S” or “Merrill”), a dually registered broker-dealer and investment adviser and member SIPC.

*Banking and Lending Services are through Bank of America, N.A.

Company Founders, Private Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

When you have built your own business, your personal finances and the life of your company are closely intertwined. You may be thinking about how to invest in your company’s growth while also deciding how best to use your personal assets. Helping ensure the future of your business likely involves employee benefits, retirement plans and succession planning. Helping secure your family’s legacy could entail wealth transfer strategies, trusts and philanthropy. Whatever your specific needs, we at Merrill Private Wealth Management can help entrepreneurs and business owners balance their personal financial lives with their life’s work. We are dedicated in providing the experience and resources to help support your ongoing success.

Corporate Executives

We understand the complexities that come with your executive position and the extreme demands on your time. We can help you develop a customized strategy that your wealth and compensation require. We can help you manage the risk of your concentrated stock position while navigating complex SEC rules, trading restrictions and reporting requirements. If you’ve just been promoted and would like help evaluating your new compensation plan, or if you’re looking to develop a long-term financial strategy for you and your family – designed to enable you to live life as you want it, with reliable access to cash – we can help simplify your financial life, as well as develop new strategies as your career and goals evolve.

Foundations and Endowments

An investment portfolio tailored to your needs is crucial to advancing your organization’s mission and carrying on its important work. We have extensive experience working with endowments and foundations and have a keen understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of board and committee members for investment management and financial oversight. The portfolios we construct are carefully designed to promote stability, efficiency and growth, and to perform effectively under a variety of market conditions. We also offer advice on board governance and reporting, and help in meeting regulatory and operating challenges. We provide access to the customized services your organization needs with discretion and skill.

Family Offices

As private wealth advisors with Merrill Private Wealth Management, we work with prominent families to help them manage the ongoing complexities of their wealth. Our deep experience with family offices enables us to tailor a range of services to help meet your specific needs. We can provide access to strategies ranging from investment and wealth management to governance, asset custody and administration, as well as assisting in the financial education of younger family members. In working with you to create and implement plans reflecting your specific intentions, our goal is to help your family enterprise succeed, and that your knowledge and values are passed along to the next generation. Together, we will focus on strategies that recognize the unique nature of your family’s mission, history and goals.

Private Equity and Hedge Fund Principals

Your investment expertise as a hedge fund or private equity principal has likely resulted in substantial personal wealth. We have experience working with a select group of individuals in your industry. Drawing on our extensive capabilities and the broad resources of a global institution, we work to help you coordinate, manage and preserve your successes. We offer strategies aimed at simplifying the complexities of your financial life, including wealth transfer advice and guidance from Merrill and access to the banking convenience of Bank of America for your banking, lending and trust needs. We also provide access to Bank of America for your working capital needs in support of the day to day needs of your business.

Nonprofit organizations

Your passion drives your organization’s mission, and you depend on an investment portfolio and an effective staff to carry on its important work. As private wealth advisors with Merrill Private Wealth Management, we have experience working with nonprofit organizations. We possess a keen understanding of the challenges you face, including maintaining operational efficiency and productivity through uneven market circumstances, growing competition for donations, and increased fiduciary requirements. Drawing on our extensive capabilities to help you fulfill your organization’s mission, we can provide access to the customized services your organization needs with discretion and skill, such as strategic planning, portfolio management, administrative and board support, and advisory solutions.

Professional Athletes

As a professional athlete, you understand the significant rewards that sports can provide, the grit and determination that help you to succeed in a challenging environment, and the unique financial needs that come with wealth. Merrill Private Wealth Management works with a select group of current and former professional athletes as they pursue their financial and legacy goals. We are focused on helping you enjoy the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve while striving for the financial future you want for yourself and your family. Drawing on our extensive capabilities and the broad resources of a global institution, we offer strategies designed to simplify the complexities of your financial life. This includes access to trust and estate planning services from Bank of America and, through Merrill, investment strategies for the operation of a business, and education of family members to help bring your legacy vision to life.

Let's have a conversation

Your dedicated Merrill Private Wealth Management team is ready to help you pursue what’s most important to you.

Our Vision

For clients of substantial wealth, Merrill Private Wealth Management provides an experience that is both powerful and personal. We are dedicated to helping you pursue your goals for today while developing a wealth strategy designed to support your family members for the years to come.

A trusted one-on-one relationship
Your private wealth advisor and team of specialists work with a limited number of clients, enabling them to focus their time, training and passion on helping you simplify your personal and business finances and prepare your next generation as stewards of wealth.

Boutique-like service with the access to the investment resources of Merrill and banking convenience of Bank of America

We combine the personalized attention and feel of a smaller firm with the power and insights of a global financial institution, creating strategies tailored to your unique situation.

A relentless commitment to transparency and customized strategies

As our client, know we are working in your best interests, providing goals-based financial strategies designed to anticipate and help meet your evolving financial needs.

Feuerbacher / Williams Group