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The KBB Group

Private Wealth Advisors
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Your wealth presents opportunities as well as complexities. We offer a limited number of individuals and families boutique-like service, broad global resources and customized strategies to help simplify your life so you can spend more time pursuing what matters most to you.

Meet the Team

The private wealth advisors with Merrill Private Wealth Management are rigorously trained to help meet the specialized needs of individuals and families of wealth. We build relationships based on trust and personalized service.

Matt  Bridge

Matt Bridge,

Senior Vice President

Private Wealth Advisor

Kristen  Buxton

Kristen Buxton,

First Vice President

Private Wealth Advisor

Todd  Kelly

Todd Kelly,

Senior Vice President

Private Wealth Advisor


Strategies designed to help you achieve your goals

As a client of Merrill Private Wealth Management, you have access to services and resources ordinarily reserved for the world’s largest institutions. We work with individuals, families spanning multiple generations, business owners and executives. Using a goals-based wealth management approach, we put our clients at the center of every personalized strategy.

Our Approach

The KBB Wealth Management Group

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington the KBB Wealth Management Group works closely with senior executives, business owners and other accomplished clients to streamline, manage and deploy their wealth effectively. As a team of three private wealth managers, the group dedicates significant resources to each relationship tackling a range of financial issues with purpose and precision. As members of the Private Banking &Investment Group at Merrill Lynch the KBB Wealth Management Group pairs in depth strategy with high touch service helping clients uncover value and capitalize on opportunity across multiple contexts of their wealth.

The team exclusively advises ultra high net worth clients and their family members. As a result they are intimately acquainted with the issues that clients may encounter once a lifetime, but that the team has addressed multiple times with client peers. Whatever the issue large or small the team welcomes the opportunity to serve as trusted confidantes acting as a sounding board and a central resource for best practices.

A Refined Skill Set

The team differentiates its outreach by simplifying multiple aspects of clients’ financial lives. Kristen Buxton began her career in the estate planning group at Merrill Lynch in 1999. Her insight into wealth transfer combined with complementary strengths of Todd Kelly in portfolio management and Matt Bridge in liquidity and diversification strategies result in a robust synthesis of acumen and execution. Todd Kelly began his career in the financial services industry in 1996 and joined Merrill Lynch in 2016. Matt Bridge began his career in the financial services industry in 1998 and joined Merrill Lynch in 2016.

Depth of Engagement and Outreach

The KBB Wealth Management Group develops lasting relationships across generations of families serving as integral guides for important decisions. Their outreach is consistent and frequent. At the outset of a relationship the team discerns the concerns and needs of each family. After analyzing both sides of a client’s balance sheet the team identifies any gaps in a family’s financial framework. Drawing on the extensive resources of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America the team then seeks to remedy those gaps methodically advancing each client’s objectives. This process is not a cursory exercise or a singular event, but an in depth recurring process that allows the team to stay apprised of changing client goals relative to market conditions and tax environments.

The team also facilitates effective collaboration with a client’s external tax and legal advisors as appropriate. Their service is intensive and reliable. Intimately acquainted with each family’s circumstances the team seeks to orchestrate integrated initiatives that faithfully capture the intent of each family’s wealth relative to titling, gifting and wealth transfer.

Focused on Long Term Wealth Preservation

The team is privileged to advise families who have achieved substantial success. They recognize the effort and sacrifice that clients have made to obtain their wealth and are closely attuned to wealth preservation as a key underpinning of their approach. As part of their outreach they define a family’s purpose for their wealth looking to build a proverbial ”brick wall” around the resources the family needs to realize that vision. Mindful of fees they look to implement cost effective strategies that are transparent and easy to understand. By centering strategy and tactics on each client’s unique vision the team strives to create positive outcomes for multiple generations of families.

The team invites individuals and families with intersecting personal and professional wealth to contact them for more information about the team’s capabilities.




A Commitment to Service

Merrill Private Wealth Management is committed to providing a select group of wealthy clients with highly personalized one-on-one service. When you work with us, our knowledgeable, rigorously trained private wealth advisors will gain a deep understanding of your goals, help you develop a multigenerational wealth strategy, help you monitor it and update your strategy as needed. We are committed to providing you access to the investment insights of Merrill and the banking convenience of Bank of America, and we will continue to invest in client tools and new technology to enhance your overall experience as you and your private wealth advisor pursue what’s most important to you.

Our Philosophy

We believe your unique goals should be at the center of all of your financial decisions and form the foundation of your financial strategy. Because significant wealth requires customized goals-based financial strategies, we believe in building lasting relationships with a limited number of clients, taking the time to understand your most important priorities for today, tomorrow and your long-term future. Our philosophy celebrates collaboration. Working with a team of specialists, we draw on the resources and insights of a global financial institution to create strategies that reflect your aspirations for yourself and current and future generations of your family. Finally, we believe that while significant wealth brings complex challenges, our experience, passion and perspectives can help you simplify your life.

Corporate Executives

We understand the complexities that come with your executive position and the extreme demands on your time. We can help you develop a customized strategy that your wealth and compensation require. We can help you manage the risk of your concentrated stock position while navigating complex SEC rules, trading restrictions and reporting requirements. If you’ve just been promoted and would like help evaluating your new compensation plan, or if you’re looking to develop a long-term financial strategy for you and your family – designed to enable you to live life as you want it, with reliable access to cash – we can help simplify your financial life, as well as develop new strategies as your career and goals evolve.

Technology Entrepreneur

As a technology entrepreneur, you focus relentlessly on what’s next. Yet as you look ahead to each new venture or cutting-edge innovation, it’s important to maintain the financial foundation that helps power your success and helps you take advantage of potential opportunities as they arise. We have experience helping entrepreneurs and business owners balance their personal lives with their life’s work. We understand the challenges you face every day, whether managing your newly achieved wealth or gaining access to the liquidity you need as seed capital or for personal expenses. We are dedicated in providing the experience and resources to help support your ongoing success.

Private Equity and Hedge Fund Principals

Your investment expertise as a hedge fund or private equity principal has likely resulted in substantial personal wealth. We have experience working with a select group of individuals in your industry. Drawing on our extensive capabilities and the broad resources of a global institution, we work to help you coordinate, manage and preserve your successes. We offer strategies aimed at simplifying the complexities of your financial life, including wealth transfer advice and guidance from Merrill and access to the banking convenience of Bank of America for your banking, lending and trust needs. We also provide access to Bank of America for your working capital needs in support of the day to day needs of your business.

Company Founders, Private Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

When you have built your own business, your personal finances and the life of your company are closely intertwined. You may be thinking about how to invest in your company’s growth while also deciding how best to use your personal assets. Helping ensure the future of your business likely involves employee benefits, retirement plans and succession planning. Helping secure your family’s legacy could entail wealth transfer strategies, trusts and philanthropy. Whatever your specific needs, we at Merrill Private Wealth Management can help entrepreneurs and business owners balance their personal financial lives with their life’s work. We are dedicated in providing the experience and resources to help support your ongoing success.

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Your dedicated Merrill Private Wealth Management team is ready to help you pursue what’s most important to you.

Our Vision

For clients of substantial wealth, Merrill Private Wealth Management provides an experience that is both powerful and personal. We are dedicated to helping you pursue your goals for today while developing a wealth strategy designed to support your family members for the years to come.

A trusted one-on-one relationship
Your private wealth advisor and team of specialists work with a limited number of clients, enabling them to focus their time, training and passion on helping you simplify your personal and business finances and prepare your next generation as stewards of wealth.

Boutique-like service with the access to the investment resources of Merrill and banking convenience of Bank of America

We combine the personalized attention and feel of a smaller firm with the power and insights of a global financial institution, creating strategies tailored to your unique situation.

A relentless commitment to transparency and customized strategies

As our client, know we are working in your best interests, providing goals-based financial strategies designed to anticipate and help meet your evolving financial needs.

The KBB Group