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Your life is about more than investments. It’s about your business, your family and your legacy across generations. We work with a limited number of individuals and families, offering highly personalized, boutique-like services and goals-based wealth management strategies for your financial life.

Meet the Team

The private wealth advisors with Merrill Private Wealth Management are rigorously trained to help meet your specialized needs with relationships based on trust and personalized service.

Strategies designed to help you achieve your goals

As a client of Merrill Private Wealth Management, you have access to services and resources ordinarily reserved for the world’s largest institutions. We work with individuals, families spanning multiple generations, business owners and executives. Using a goals-based wealth management approach, we put our clients at the center of every personalized strategy.

Our Approach

Our Philosophy

We believe your unique goals should be at the center of all of your financial decisions and form the foundation of your financial strategy. Because significant wealth requires customized goals-based financial strategies, we believe in building lasting relationships with a limited number of clients, taking the time to understand your most important priorities for today, tomorrow and your long-term future. Our philosophy celebrates collaboration. Working with a team of specialists, we draw on the resources and insights of a global financial institution to create strategies that reflect your aspirations for yourself and current and future generations of your family. Finally, we believe that while significant wealth brings complex challenges, our experience, passion and perspectives can help you simplify your life.


Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, we’re a team within Merrill Private Wealth Management, one of approximately 200 teams within the firm that hold this designation. We believe our experience, scope, and client commitment differentiate us from other advisors.

Here are some factors that set us apart:

Our Focus: We advise a select group of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, so we’re deeply familiar with the opportunities and challenges they face. Many of our clients have encountered significant complexity in their financial lives. We’re skilled in smoothing and simplifying the intricacies that substantial wealth can create; we apply more than 100 years of collective experience as a team.

Our Scope: We purposely built our team to deliver a suite of capabilities to successful individuals and families. Our team of professionals is robust, collaborative, and closely attuned to each client and family. Accessibility and personalization are hallmarks of our client experience. We know how important it is to speak to a live person who knows you, when you have a question or a concern.

Our Commitment: We genuinely care about the families we serve, who often become friends, as well as clients. Their well-being is our focus and inspiration. We’ve been privileged to develop lasting relationships that testify to the caliber of people we advise and our resolve to serve them exceptionally well.

Helping Clients Regain Time

The clients we advise have varied paths to wealth, but they share some common characteristics. Typically, they are very busy. They know their finances require a deft hand, but they cannot devote the time and energy to the ongoing stewardship of their wealth. That’s where we believe we add significant value.

We’re deeply knowledgeable about the issues that ultra-high-net-worth clients encounter. When families come to a significant crossroads or inflection point in their wealth, we’ve likely seen it before. We apply the insight we’ve gained from decades of direct experience, integrating the network of specialists available to us through Merrill and Bank of America. Together, we look to design elegant strategies to the thorny and sometimes time-consuming challenges that significant wealth can entail.

We have particular depth in the following areas:
  • Senior executives of public companies: We’re proficient in the analysis and administration of Rule 144, 10b5-1, stock options, and incentive stock compensation.
  • Entrepreneurs: We’ve guided a number of wealth creators through the transfer, sale, or expansion of their businesses. We’re mindful of the precise timing and exactitude that these events require.
  • Multi-generational families: We recognize that there’s a lot more to wealth than money. We listen closely to each family’s priorities, helping them adopt best practices so that their wealth can a have positive impact on the people and causes they cherish.

It Is About You - Not Us

Speak to us for a few minutes, and you’ll notice that we’re skilled communicators. For us, that means listening as much as speaking. Our strength in this area manifests in four ways: 

First, we’re in close contact with you. You’ll hear from us often – not only when the financial markets are performing well. We’ll keep you apprised of progress toward your goals, methodically working toward your objectives. Your needs are at the forefront of our work. If you have a question or concern, we want you to reach out to us. You can expect a timely response that demonstrates our grasp of your particular situation.

Second, we’re in close contact with each other. We work extremely well as a team, leveraging our collective strengths to advance your goals more efficiently. Our professionalism and collaborative mindset help ensure robust coverage for you and your family members. Every member of our team is here to serve you.

Third, we’re in close contact with your external tax and legal advisors. We believe firmly in the value of proactive communication with these additional members of your team. We help advance a clear vision of your priorities and preferences, orchestrating in-depth initiatives with precision and care.

Finally, we take your privacy extremely seriously. Discretion is our watchword. We strive to earn your trust every day, treating your personal details with the seriousness they deserve.

We never lose sight of the fact that wealth management is a highly personalized undertaking. Our goal is to help you realize your vision for your wealth. You are unique; your path forward should be similarly distinctive. 

As members of Merrill Private Wealth Management, we can connect you to the capabilities that you need, whether they stem from your personal life, your professional life, or the intersection of the two. Here are some of the ways we can help you advance your goals: 

  • Our access to trust and estate planning services that reflect your family structure, tax circumstances, and philanthropic interests*
  • Our ability to streamline, organize, and consolidate your investment assets, helping your craft a portfolio that is efficient, thoughtful, and diversified
  • Our knowledge of sophisticated investment vehicles, such as hedge funds, private equity offerings, and exchange traded funds
  • Our familiarity with pre- and post- liquidity event strategies, helping you optimize the timing and synchronization of a business transfer or sale
  • Our access to custom credit facilities through Bank of America, N.A., for your luxury good acquisition, business lending, or home financing needs
  • Our entrée to special events within Merrill Private Wealth Management, such as next-generation boot camps and seminars, helping you and your family members    become more capable and informed stewards of your wealth 
  • Our experience in philanthropic planning, helping you optimize the impact of your generosity, both for your estate and the charitable causes you espouse.

*Merrill, its affiliates, and financial advisors do not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice. You should consult your legal and/or tax advisors before making any financial decisions.
*Some or all alternative investments may not be in the best interests for certain investors. Certain alternative investments carry significant risk and are not subject to the same regulatory oversight as mutual funds and other traditional investments. For these reasons, access to alternative investments may be limited to investors who are designated as sophisticated, high-net-worth investors.

*Trust, fiduciary, and investment management services are provided by Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC, and wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation (“BofA Corp.”), and its agents.

Corporate Retirement Accounts

Focus on 401(k)

Working with the Larson-Kirkpatrick Group provides you with consistent outreach and reliable service toward your success. When you and your employees succeed, we succeed.

We take great satisfaction in helping employers and employees discern their options, determine their preferences and priorities, and pursue a more deliberate and thoughtful financial future. We offer focused service to corporations and nonprofits, helping them design and maintain their defined contribution, defined benefit, and non-qualified retirement plans.

We’re located in Spokane, providing “boots on the ground” service to corporations and nonprofits in the area, including established businesses, start-ups, tribes, hospitals, corporate organizations, and other entities. Our approach is transparent and supported by industry–leading investment guidance.

It starts with you.

  • Merrill provides access to ERISA 3(21) fiduciary services for investment advice and recommendations made in the best interest of your plan.
  • Our work encompasses much more than plan design and administration. Those components are important, of course, but we also educate employers and employees, helping them weigh their options, evaluate significant financial decisions, and become actively engaged in charting their future.
  • We’re keenly attuned to the factors that drive the success of retirement plans and are dedicated in our efforts to increase participation and deferral rates through best practices, ongoing communication, and consistent employee engagement.
  • Our team offers decades of direct experience in the corporate benefits arena, helping businesses and organizations benchmark their offerings and stay competitive in varied economic environments. Moreover, we bring a deeply ingrained service mindset, grounding our work in timeliness, professionalism, and heartfelt dedication to the long-term well-being of the clients we serve.
Our Corporate Benefits Suite:
  • Needs assessment
  • Plan evaluation, menu design, and implementation
  • Access to Investment Policy Statement creation, review, and refinement services
  • Communication design and implementation
  • Enrollment logistics and on-site facilitation
  • Fiduciary review
  • Ongoing participation analysis and reporting
  • Plan maintenance and enhancement

*Institutional Investor magazine announced BofA Global Research as one of the Top Global Research Firms in 2021 based on surveys held throughout the year. The magazine creates rankings of the top research analysts in a wide variety of specializations, drawn from the choices of portfolio managers and other investment professionals at more than 1,000 firms. BofA Global Research is research produced by BofA Securities, Inc. (“BofAS”) and/or one or more of its affiliates. BofAS is a registered broker-dealer, Member SIPC, and wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation. Learn more about the methodology at Institutional Investor. Rankings and recognition from Institutional Investor are no guarantee of future investment success and do not ensure that a current or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance results and such rankings should not be construed as an endorsement. 

Institutional Investment Services

The Larson-Kirkpatrick Group provides tailored advice and guidance to endowments and foundations, supporting their long-term mission fulfillment, financial stability, and organizational capacity. Through end-to-end capabilities that encompass access to fiduciary investment management services, ongoing administration, and strategic support, our team works closely with board and staff members to advance their unique priorities in keeping with their vision and values.

Our team has provided institutional consulting services since 1983. As a result, we are keenly attuned to the opportunities and challenges that endowments and foundations encounter in varied economic environments. Our longevity and continuity have heightened our ability to support clients across a broad spectrum of needs:
  • Investment policy
  • Customized portfolio design
  • Spending policy
  • Gift acceptance policy
  • Board and staff education
  • Governance
  • Donor development
  • Strategic planning
  • Access to Fiduciary administration services
We recognize that each institution has a distinctive character and interests. Highly customized in our approach, we can tailor our investment services to align with an institution’s unique concerns or priorities. Our capabilities include Socially Responsible Investing (SRI); Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors; Impact Investing; faith-based screens; or other priorities that clients define.

In collaboration with our colleagues at Bank of America Private Bank(formerly US Trust), we offer best practices, technologies, research, and resources, delivering these capabilities through a locally based team that clients know and trust. Our service offering includes access to services that provide the ability to act in a co-fiduciary capacity, as appropriate. In addition, our administrative capabilities include principal and income accounting through the Endowment Advantage program, specially designed to streamline recordkeeping and reporting while heightening transparency and client convenience.

*Impact investing and/or Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) managers may take into consideration factors beyond traditional financial information to select securities, which could result in relative investment performance deviating from other strategies or broad market benchmarks, depending on whether such sectors or investments are in or out of favor in the market. Further, ESG strategies may rely on certain values based criteria to eliminate exposures found in similar strategies or broad market benchmarks, which could also result in relative investment performance deviating.

A Commitment to Service

Merrill Private Wealth Management is committed to providing a select group of clients with highly personalized one-on-one service. When you work with us, our knowledgeable, rigorously trained private wealth advisors will gain a deep understanding of your goals, help you develop a multigenerational wealth strategy, and help you update your strategy as needed. We are committed to providing you access to the investment insights of Merrill and the banking convenience of Bank of America, and Merrill will continue to invest in client tools and new technology to enhance your overall experience as you and your private wealth advisor pursue what’s most important to you.

Let's have a conversation

Your dedicated Merrill Private Wealth Management team is ready to help you pursue what’s most important to you.

Our Vision

For clients of substantial means, Merrill Private Wealth Management provides an experience that is both powerful and personal. We are dedicated to helping you pursue your goals for today while developing an approach designed to support your family members for the years to come.

Your private wealth advisor and team of specialists work with a limited number of clients, enabling them to focus their time, training and passion on helping you simplify your personal and business finances and prepare your next generation.

Boutique-like service with the access to the investment resources of Merrill and banking convenience of Bank of America

We combine the personalized attention and feel of a smaller firm with the power and insights of a global financial institution, creating financial strategies tailored to your unique situation.

A relentless commitment to transparency and customized strategies

As our client, know we are working in your best interests, providing goals-based financial strategies designed to anticipate and help meet your evolving financial needs.